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ME Family Services: Social Workers in Schools


 What is SWiS?   SWiS is a free service to primary and                 intermediate aged children and their families/whanau  within    the school. It is designed to provide early  assistance to              children and their families/whanau that  are experiencing          difficulties which may create barriers  for their child’s               academic progress.

  SWiS will provide easily accessible early intervention  and         prevention services for children and their families/whanau.

 What does the SWiS service aim to achieve?  The SWiS         service  works with the strengthens of children and their   families/whanau to achieve positive outcomes. These   outcomes are…


1/ Children engaged in their school

2/ Children feel safe, socialized with others and with a strong sense of well being

3/ Healthy children

How does the SWiS service achieve this?  The SWiS social worker will work in partnership with children and their families/whanau in a voluntary relationship, to help them resolve or manage any specific difficulties they may be experiencing, with impact on their child’s well being or achievement at school. SWiS services also provides children and their families/whanau with preventative and intervention group programmes to help support their child’s health, well being and educational achievement. 

Email: sally@mefsc.org.nz