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HERO - our communication app

We are delighted to launch our new communication and reporting system, in the free HERO app. 

HERO allows schools (teachers, students, and families) to view and share content anytime, anywhere on any device. The software is secure, easy to use and brings together all school information in one place. 

 With Hero, you have the ability to:
- read and comment on posts relating to your child’s learning
- view information on your child’s progress and goals,
- read and comment on school notices sent to the class or groups your child is part of
- respond to school notices such as surveys and trip permission requests
- view school term dates
- view a school calendar of events
- notify the school if your child is absent or late
- navigate to other school-related webpages
- customise your account by adding a profile image
- select how you wish to receive notifications

Learning posts combined with curriculum information and goal-setting will form an online report designed to build year-on-year so that over time you will have access to written posts, images, video, work samples, and helpful resources all in one place. 

Over the coming year, staff and students will be posting rich content to our HERO software. We are looking forward to sharing this with you, including you in your child’s learning journey.

For information about HERO including how to log in see the back of this page

Download the Hero App today - Scan the QR Code or go to the HERO websitehttps://hero.linc-ed.com/

Please note, the school must have your correct email address in our system for you to be able to see your children's work and learning goals.

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Click the SCHOOL STAFF tab above to find your child's teacher's email address.  Please contact them if you have any questions, need more information or support.

Click the HOME LEARNING LINKS tab above for more ideas.

ONLINE ACCESS TO HERO, and READING EGGS (Y1-4) or MATHLETICS (Y5-8)    You can access some of your children’s learning at school by signing up to either HERO. Students have online access either to Reading Eggs or Mathletics. Please make sure that you know your children's logins and passwords. 

STUDENTS’ GOOGLE ACCOUNTS - all students do have a school google account, but only our senior students (Y5-8) might know their login details.  Teachers will send out login information if they think this will be useful for Home Learning.

HOME LEARNING WITHOUT DEVICES - Have a think about all the other things that you can do without a device - reading books, crosswords, Sudoku, gardening, board games, card games, cooking, building, creating etc. Our teachers will also put some ideas out through HERO.

HOME LEARNING LOG - To help your children establish a routine, print or draw this timetable below so that they can record what learning they have been doing at home.  They can take a photo of their log to send to their class teacher through HERO, a Google Doc or email.

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'Eat My Lunch' has been contracted to provide our children here at Māngere East Primary School with their daily lunch starting on Thursday 4th February.

Eat My Lunch prepare the lunches for those children with special food requirements or allergies in a different kitchen. Please let Mr Easthouse know.

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